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Last day a Jesuit priest, from our neighbouring state paid a visit to our college. It's a great opportunity for us to had his humble presence and in the beginning principal showered him with all his academic wonders of qualifications that could amuse even a scholar of high profile. Later when it came to his turn , he extended his humble gratitude to all well wishers. It was none other than, the versatile Rev Dr. Ignacimuthu SJ , former VC of Bharathiyar and Madras university moreover an internationally acclaimed scientist and professor. His academic wonders knew no bounds. More than hundred PhD's produced under his guidance , seven hundred articles , also seventy books are there to his credit, some molecules named after him. He started of with a humbe smile and the topic was about an awareness class for the teachers.

Suddenly one of my colleague, tapped on my shoulder, showing Ignaciuthus' cv on his mobile that extended more than 40 pages. I raised my eyebrows in astonishment.

He took the oppertunity to enlight all the teachers who gathered there and stared the PowerPoint presentations on how a teacher should be and what actually their way of thinking must look like in our attitude towards students. A good teacher must aspire their students and that beautiful point highlighted all through his classes with all ethos. At first he recollected his humble beginning from a poor village and he'd never thought he would have become such a world renowned personality. While delivering such a good lecture I could see yet another Kalam in him with all spiritual liveliness. He said that we must get into the duity of learning something every time and that must be the thing which we all need to consider even though we sympathise with our long worries or getting mad at our exhilarating success mantras . No matter what situation we are born into, a silver spoon or a gold spoon, or any spoon at all , that is not matters here but give you ear to the world around you and listen how it inspires you to follow your dreams. We badly needed such words because that very crucial time it seemed everything has been in randomly order. I wanted such reliever cause I found my diplorable reflections on the mirror of my life, I was a soulless mere body.
So the classes taken by that priest went on and on and may be fell on the deaf ears. Still it continues . How can somebody be an inspiration who lost the real responsibility towards some crucial circumstances. I sympathize with it because I hate smiling with teeth but with heart. I prefer the smiles that come out of the bottom of heart.

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