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"I hate feminists of today, "feminichis" ( contempt women in vernacular language) I hate such sluts ? " One of my colluages started blaming some recent sudden feminist blooms for the sake of something that I don't know. Another guest lecturer too joined him with all severe criticism and they seemed on fire on that very calm evening. They wanted me to argue and defend cause they clearly knew that I am a feminist kind of thinker. So they even went to the extent of spitting the term " slut" out with all terrible contempt. I didn't utter a single word unless I got a simple chance to state my delicate and solid positions in feministic dilemmas.
They went on and on, digging out the ancient traditions where they found peace women in patriarchal set up. They said women had freedom in such circumstances but I didn't get them what actually there were getting at with such deep praises to the patriarchy. Women got freedom? May be they are mistaken cause its actually cannot be rendered as freedom but enslaving providentials in disguise. They chant such sugarcoated provisions many times a day to get more and more to be in illicit relation with dominant power, pathetic, enjoying the status of being a second slut sex, I would rather call such women, than the opposite of it. They are in a deep slumber and it seems they are never going to find a kiss of freedom ,though it's a sexist analogy I couldn't help stop getting nervous and sympathetic at their dillemas.

"What the heck" I slapped myself after watching the news of a woman central ministers' misogynistic blabberings "would you go to your friend's home and offer them a handkerchief which is soacked with menstrual blood" related to the entrance of women to some religious centre. How could somebody like her make such immature and irrational comments. So literate women but lacking good education, pathetic.

" It's all about rituals, yes some bloody rituals and they say rituals are for the rituals' sake. Let it be but I cannot be sane at this. I usually try to oppose everything that comes before as a sexist guest whether it's jocularly or seriously. If I became serious about preaching the real intentions of equality, they will pen mock epic about me. If it's done in a neutral way, with some faded dilemmas they wouldn't think that I'm an extremist, I don't care what others think of me but here they are so vicious and I need vigilance, stating my views simply, thus I could sow some thoughts in them, some 'unconventional thoughts' or remind them that such dimensions are also there, lie static somewhere. World will find its way to find an antidote and its just a beginning, the present outburst. I need more interruptions in this dominant power relations. I want the worship halls of unequal treatments to be destroyed. She will be a cause for it cause she is the antidote by herself and it may take some time but it will happen no doubt.It's all about historical necessities and you cannot change that. Time will enlight her to see her inner self. Then I can answer my colluages' dilemmas, I could react then with the historical truth and till then let them bark and even bite.
Let them bark and let me listen them after my heart. Then I smile , thinking how diplorable idiots they are. I presume they also have the feeling of consideration for women in every respects but their egoism won't allow them to lend her a hand.

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