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" Even if you possess all the wealth in the world , but if you don't attach your mind to the lotus feet of your Guru , what's is the use ? , what is the use ? , what is the use ?"

Heart touching lines from Sri Sankaracharya.

"Let your days be fruitful and let me bless you my child" , One of my bosom colluages came near me and blessed me saying " Uh may your life be prosperous , your age twenty-five? " He suddenly took his hands from my head counting in his fingers something.

" Yes sir twenty-five "
I was all in a smiling mood and we had been spending almost an hour in my room, singing songs , teasing each other, cracking jocks and so on. He sung a beautiful classic song in a full streatch and I too joined him. He is such a good fellow and motivating kind.
" Ok twenty five no ? mm May God bless you to get a permanent job in 2022. mm ? okay ?" He was all in a grave mood but I could saw the waves of our jocular passing times that we had by then.

" oh that sounds great sir... thank you so much sir ,

" Then you will be ? " He asked curiously still in a delicate serious mood. And got out of the room with a smile.
'' twenty nine sir , and let you words be true sir "By the time I replied he disappeared in to the hostal aisle like a mysterious scene in some movies.

What was the first thing that came to me , my teachers of my ancient past. Some people's face highlighted in the celluloid of my memory, all smiling but we never despised them or hurt them in any way. Today I don't know whether students value their teachers or not. and from my experience they never did. They simply be selfish whenever they are in a group or something. They get some spontaneous ugly liveliness to interfere in every matters even into some problems unknown to them and become noisy jackals. Every body needs some passing of time and a place to whisper their suppressed thoughts out in class room. Its contagious anyway.

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