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NACC dillemas has already been faded out with a deep sigh but the waves of tension were still palpable on their faces. Anxious for the announcement of grades. Still don't know what're the results are going to have in its store for us. Got to wait for a month or something, I overheard some of my colluages. I don't know what's actually been taking place over a month. There made sudden developments in the blink of an eye. New plants found its prominent positions in the yard with all terrible liveliness. Speedy growth of infrastructure matters, Quicker renovations with upside down changes on regular basis. They said this and that regarding the inspections to asses the quality of the learning process of the college. Anyway now the sword of Democles has already been gone, they came , inspected things and matters and gone with some inexplicable smiles. Now it's all about the future outcome. Would it be a this grade or that grade? Anyway I do remember a rhyme from our grammar text here,
"the future is not our's to see , Whatever will be will be !"

We had a great time with the peer team ,completed every formalities, just all about two days. Some whispered that some lapses were there eventhough we tried our level best to did everything perfectly. It'd been a great marathon and in 'record time' everything find its perfection with its ancientness.
Hold on ! I got to say something. As far as my mind goes to It's recent past where I had been singing songs silently, I would say, It's been a great journey though and my second coming here at the college as a faculty made everything upside down...I mean my perceptions. It got widened from a diplorable narrow level that I had been into four years back. Fortunately today I could work along with my teachers, with all empathetical lense in hand, sharing dining halls with senior professors at hostal. What else , somewhat similar syllabus to burn the brain, can have brave entities into offices to offices those once were a scary place where we were a cat in a hotbricks situation and so on. Colourful and more brighter than ever, that's my memmory of being a student back in 2011 , that's, when I started pursuing my degree. I remember, my mother holding my hands walked here and there in haste to let her son to be admitted as a member of this college. Oh dear .. My first day at College, there made weired self introductions cause I did hate such confrontations though. My immature thoughts, those moulded by the new world dilemmas later, my prolonged silence which prevailed all though college career, Introvertable sagas, simple bullying from seniors for the sake of the freshers day weirdness and so on....

Now the situations have changed in a slight way where I can be a crucial part in the staff matters, inconsistent thought process in understanding the soul of college where they blabbering ICT, NAAC, mentoring , peer teaching stuffs ,IQUAC or something, not sure and the like. In the very inception It's a kind of fish out of water situation for me but now I'm recovering slowly but steadily, I presume. That's all about my normal abnormal dilemmas that I'm in presently in and let this be a simple journey and let me see the sight in HD.

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