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Women are the hottest recipies in art, and I don't know whether it is all about a genuine naturality in the way women folk usually think and I have doubts. But women of today after running into such comments would probably would show "f**k you" signs to the whistleblowers. Recently, I terribly transfixed after seeing a women who made vulgar comments towards a brave girl who disclosed the secret that she often goes to temple during the time of her menustaral period and she says God never showered his indifferent gifts nor he losts his virginity. Brave girl but not that brave cause she goes to temple every other day, not at all a fully recovered patriarchal women though. So some of her kind wanted to stop the sidelined mantras of patriarchy and badly wanted a blindfold embrace of her much awaited deities. How pituous....

She says that she is impure in her delicate painfull bloody time periods, thus help him in crocheting a normative false divine theory. Life really sucks at such selfinflicted hallucinations and in the end she becomes a mere she, going to be an invisible ink in textual matters, squatting under its dark light she will breast feed her girl child, singing lullabies to be a 'good girl' in future.

If women take up equality stuffs in religion and her much awaited forbidden deities as their new dimensions of today, she again rather becomes a women, with all her dirty consent. Okay , when we consider the patron of that temple, I mean the palace which posted an article in the newspaper in the wake of the recent outburst and it said ,

"why all this women weirdness in the temple, its indeed a sin. We should listen to the middle man, the priest cause God speaks through 'him'. Whatever it is we ought to believe his words as the word of God."

The most embarrassing matter is that, its written by a lady of royal blood. Royal blood ? was there such a thing called royal blood? don't know actually. Take a deep breath now and think. We all are trapped in this tangled dream. We are the victims so it's high time to do something.

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