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It's all about a monkey's business, don't bother about that. Anyway ..
,uh ! ..who has not heard about the ugly debate on Mr.Sasi Tharoor's case and the recent Kerala flood relief matters that had happened on Republic television. So that's the point here, here I'm not onto despise the entire journalism as a whole but I cannot help stop expressing my critical opinion regarding the issue and on some bastard journalists who are the real pimps of some selfish corporate diplomacy.

Let me start off with a small incident.
Once the great existentialist Soren Kierkegaard opinioned that if he had a son or a daughter he would have rather send them for prostitution than opting journalism as a career. He viewed it in such a critical situation that journalism had been gone through such a pathetic situation.
It's a well known fact that his shameful lies about the Gujarat riot experiences that he had during the reporting there and actually its mere a pretension. Those experience was in fact belonged to one of his former colluage and that person came out caught him red hand. Other colluage s too expressed their views that he hadn't been even there during the riots then how could he be a victim of the riot people. So how about this incident. Okay now he would probably say it's all about his 'personal stuffs' who the he'll are you to question such. If he feels such he would probably be the mouth of his victims who were victimised before his terrible stingy debates.
In a way I could also call myself a journalistic student cause we had journalism in our syllabus, back in college. So we know how a media person supposed to speak rather than barking at the wrong trees to prove the rest that I'm something and everything among all other media for getting cheap publicity or something. Suffering from disgusting "look at me attitude" can sometimes be more exasperating than anything sometimes. I couldn't resist myself slapping him after watching his arrogant interrogations with Kerala minister on the so called republican tv man handling case. It would have been okay if he had taken a respectful tone but what he did was simply unendurable. He was keep shouting at Minister Shilaja teacher without even permitting her to answer. How dare him to do such a thing. Is republican tv journalist means the last word on everything or something.
I don't know who is that 'honourable ' person in chief in Rupublic tv or know anything about him and I really don't want to. May be he is a talented whistleblower but he badly needed the basic manners to be a sane personality. Being A journalist doesn't mean you got the entire power to gatecrash or got a say in anything. "Nation wants to know " is merely a tag line for its bloody dominated rituals for TRP matters. A shouting dog indeed and by doing that he is flogging the dead horse. And how could his bloody channel and who gave them the permission to take vigilant investigations on Tharoors' wife's unfortunate demise. It's all about the law and the related bodies. They are still investigating the case but Republic tv's parallel cheap investigations have some hidden agenda or something, I have my doubts. It's exactly like peeping Tom's job who peeps into others life to have a kind of pleasure. Is he the CBI or something. Similar incidents are also common in Kerala media ,the Kerala version of Republican tv, so diplorable.
His comments "I have never seen such a shameless bunch of people " on Kerala people was something unfortunate. He deserves no more counter arguments cause there is no point in doing so to a dog barking at wrong tree. I admire journalism and journalists but not his bloody kinds.So disgusting.

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