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"Had we never met, never loved each other, We would not have been broken-hearted." as writes Mr. Burns, the great poet of literature. This very rhyme was so striking when it confronted me while I was taking a stroll in my grammar text. Grammar text ? what on earth its doing in a grammar text? Leave it anyway and its something relatable to the if clause matters, conditional tense and the like.

So what would have been happened if it went with all happy notes till the end its going to have in the future. So there happened some bitter instances for sure. May be that's life. Seriously? , Sometimes the expression" that's life' is ''thats not life " kind and I strongly mean it by saying that.

We usually be thinking such lines in our daily life. Like , had I not gone there, had I ever uttered that word , or had we ever done such a thing to them, things wouldn't have been worsen this much. But regrets are not gonna be the healing herb here. It's all about us. Our being, flexibility and other much needed values. If we could have started off with all smiling faces , with all flexible moods, we would not have got any single second to mourn in silence.

I did many bad things deliberately to myself and to others so now suffer in silence with all the aforementioned rhymes of the serious burns of life but I need to be sane. Every time I did wrong to myself and the rest I would say, Oh its okay to do such cause its not about big things but life taught me later that its all about little million things that do matters in your life. Life is all about a delicate thing it could be broken into pieces if it falls down from our hand. It gives a dull sound for the loners where there is no one ever can hear its dull impact. You decide your life and make it worthy cause one life and one person matters there.

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