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We usually see the fact that if someone draws our entire admiration and appreciation towards that's person just because of theirs' uniqueness, in the long run it becomes a blind addiction which is incurable. We could accept the uniqueness anyway but worshipping it entirely is a lunatic kind syndrome. Today's society has undergone such hypnotic terribilities and I don't know why. I'm also a human being who brought up in this same society but I never felt any blindfold admiration to anything or to anyone. I feel pity of some of my friends who usually claim that they are the die-hard fan of some film actors. How could they be and actually what drives them to be such pathetic ones. Moreover if their idol got any problems they are there to defend and go to the whole hog to protect their person no matter with whom the problem is.

Pathetic creatures, lost their self deciding stuffs and are controlled by a mysterious aura of some irrational energy that circulated all over their surroundings. Recently in Keralas' film field, there exist such terrible groups favouring their own film Gods' made problems when they found their idols' seemed to be criticized for genuine reasons. Their fans verbally attacked the victim and the fact that some of the so called victims were too coming from the film fraternity.
Considering the very term 'fan' , its all about a zealous involvement in something that wowed us. We need some reasons to devote our feelings to be drawn towards something and find an inexplicable pleasure in it. Later our styles got affected by such in all ways which happens consciously or unconsciously. There our mind plays the entire role and moves on accordingly. If you are an ardent ,zealous admirer of something you lost your soul entirely. Instead we can respect those without pawning our precious soul at their feet. Time to think cause our mind is a dangerous phenomenon and its terribly feeble.

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