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I'm very proud today because its indeed a brave move to do that anyway. I thought I couldn't do it anymore as my days numbered there in that classroom. The four walls of the class eagerly listened to my words though I found me terribly stumbled in many places. Fell down many a times but raised like a feeble phenix then cause I heard some voice from within that, you can and you will. I chased them but never hunted down but still its in my sight so one day, yes I hope so.

I had been taking pains to break that rough shell for months. Today's hour found me so happy in every respects, a simple humble start for me for some faded distant dreams. Miles seem to sent invitations for me to meet me in person with all victorious songs, the sweetest songs that had never ever made any significant milestone mark before. Am I dreaming or not?

Now I could feel my tounge and can feel the spontaneous flow of words. It's rolling out from it with all ease and I'm going to do that.

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