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As its a free world for me, I presume, I don't need your pity anyway.
I hate your love out of pity, I ignore your kind words out of pity cause you were never there with even a pretended care when I casually smiled at you . I love to roam around my craziness and it reminds me of my souls' unusuall boldness that had been in a age long exile before. I am crazy but my craziness never hurts anyone in anyways. So I need a special spring though and I want you to be walk away from my thoughts so I can be alone with peace. The peace out of lonliness is inexplicably precious. Like the poet said, "I need a spring and I owe no one nothing" and I mean it.

I write down things to escape my terrible or sensitive personalities of that very moment then I will be okay. I had a killer headache and it's your presence out of some bloody tragic flaws of mine. I'll no longer be your prey. I don't owe you any single penny so leave me alone. "Let me be that I'm" don't ever dare to alter my feelings.

I'm bad as any other bad asses but its my life, I enjoy switching over roles. I prefer to be alone all the time.I remember reading some stuffs on fb, its "you're always bad in someone else's story". My ears found terrible tones in your admonishments and I want them to be deaf before your stingy lectures. Then I will be content with my life, all alone. My life my rules.

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