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Paradoxical Humanism
Paradoxical humanism, have you guys heard about that term. Anyway this term works different with different people to me it's something that goes along with my bizzare thoughts and here I'm gonna say something about it in the light of an essay that I read recently. "Unsurrendered people" that's the one by Kenzaburo Oe, the famous Japanese.
The article says about the terrible dreams of Hiroshima bombing and it's after effects. It's a known terrible fact that the people of Hiroshima suffered a demonic explosion and to counter it they made the fine artifacts of humanity not the paradoxical ones that often the selfish ones do create. The fine thing was nothing but their will to live to counterbalance the existing deplorable situation.
Then the American version of this evil deeds' relevence was that they did so for common good. To end the war, to destroy the alliance.. Oh God for that they annihilated a particular section of people, two entire cities completely..
Almost one hundred and forty thousand people. Was it a sacrifice for such a paradoxical kind terrible humanism. No way.. The weary definition of paradoxical humanism is that, Americans believed in the strength of Hiroshima people nurtured an evil thought that they will come to normalcy at any cost. Yes it's is but he had his doubts.

Oe, at one point says he had been followed by this terrible dream all night as he says,

" For my part, I have a kind of nightmare about
trusting in human strength, or in humanism,
it's a nightmare about a particular kind of trust
in human capability " Then he says "Toward
this kind of humanism, I have a strong

At the same time the good deeds of people of Hiroshima in one way lessened America's 'burden of conacience'. Not a single soul committed suicide nor they react to it violently but their acts of good will to raise from the ashes of it like a Phenix, within two decades found fruitful and still, as Oe considers, a lesson for the world.

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