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Why this hell is still happening to me, I often think over such that evokes uneasy feelings in profusion. They were all listening to my broken lectures, may be with some broken dreams, or without even having any exits for them to go into their perfect hiding.

Here life blooms in winter with all mourns ,sometimes in spring, I become happy then but with summer it shows no kindness. They came, sometimes successive winter melodies with no ending, spring found me dumb so rarely tasted its fruits, I was in all gay, I needed a spring but found its limited ends.

My summer times found my thoughts withered in its terrible heats with all shattered dreams but I love being a queer one, enjoy switching roles from one to another. I traveled alone to find my real passions, a holy search of healing herbs though. Its vibes toward your self actulisation.

I never had a spring that I was longed for, my hopes went in vain with all sad notes. I scribbled down the song of a solo man's. Never relieved nor died for good, but pushed myself down into this abyss. Saw nothing but some cold air, felt their word's double heads, sharp enough to take blood from my feeble heart. My heart bled with all doleful chants. My mind strangled my lifes' innocence with some indefinite blames not known to me. I fell on my knees, my eyes went blur with holy tears, My visions went unknown. I saw no one else beside me heard no solace, I never wished for anyone but darkest thoughts.

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