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I never told anyone any matters regarding anything whether it supposed to let it out for some acknowledgements or anything that hurts others. Is it a good thing for some people?
I don't know exactly anyway but for the time being I would say okay cause I really enjoy being in with my solo songs. May be tomorrows will prove me wrong but I feel like I'm comfortable in this zone.

I had a strong feeling to share such with others sometimes but I forbade it, telling myself that its okay to be an unknown saint than being known devil. We could not suppress every thing all the time cause we are not used to. We will be opened ourselves to our comfortable zones, even to a sheep in a woulf's clothing. Later we regrets, so beware! No more sharings of your emotional excitments. Just hang on it firmly till the end, you may win. It it goes on and on as a ritual, through some struggling suppressions you will be a saint stranger, an unknown one.

"Look at me attitudes" are quite natural but restraining over such attractions is the real task to be a perfect saint stranger. If they come to know about our skills by accident, let it be.

If we go like this we will be getting genuine interactions, heart felt smiles, real agitation,
cries as it is. Whether it's negative or positive we could ensure a heartfelt made emotional things than receiving some artificial fake smiles of consideartions when we are considered out of some special things.

We can then observe life as in its pure livliness with out any special burden of considerations or something.

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