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Have you ever murdered a tree with your own bare hand or witnessed such a terrible deed as an irresponsible bystander? How about killing a tree? Here in this poem, Gieve Patel, an Indian writer, describes the horrible procedure, the systematic plan of murdering a tree without leaving any trace of suspicious marks or leaving behind any loopholes. Can you imagine that? If not come on, let's see.

Deforestation is the real evil in which it destroys the balance of our environment. It does have a terrible impact on our sacret ecology and we are ignoring such facts and leading our selfish needs by its nose. If it continues or unmindful of the impacts we will be posing a great threat of extinction, a mass extinction.

Here we go, Gieve Patel says, Killing a tree does need some levels of terrible operations and a simple jab on its base will not do anything with it. A tree takes pains to become a huge one, consuming the minerals of its crust and give new leaves and branches. So a silly chop is not enough. Anyway it may bleed but the bleeding bark will heal sooner or later.

From the remaining part of that tree will started to arise new curled Green twigs and if we do not mindful of that natural regeneration it will be yet another tree. So NO.....!

It's not enough, tree is not dead. It's sprouting again and again. So how can we kill it completely.
Yes, we need to pull the tree with all it's entire root from its cave. Its a hard job, since we have to tie a rope around it and snap it. We will see the strength of the tree then. Then it's lying there dilapidated, scorching under the sun, and the nature will wither it forever. "And its done"

So though it's a way in which how to kill a tree, it's a plain outcry against our bad attitude towards out nature. Its our duty to save our environment as it is for the generations to come. So act according to it.

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