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'Refugee Blues' is a poem by W H Auden, an English and the poem revolves around the refugee crisis of the society telling how the world often treats such broken hearts and recounting refugees' dilemmas in a lost world.

The speaker and his companion go for the shelters in far away lands as they were deprived of their United Jewish community, and the bitter confrontations are the theme of the poem.

The city of ten million souls don't have a room, for the refugees not even a simple concern for them but for their pets of that land, it's a paradise where the poodles are well dressed all the way and in the case of cats door is thrown open but not for the deprived.

Another agony was all about their expaired passport and all their attempts to renew it found severe criticism from the officials. They butterly muse over it by saying that there is Yew which bloom every now and then but a passport cannot.

They heard the Hitlers' warnings like a thunder in the sky. And all the while they were walking through the forest, they envied by the natures beauty and regretted by that. Asthogh he saw the dream of having a biggy building with thousand rooms he realised later that it was a mere dream.

Finally he stood on a plain depressed by all the events that had just been taken place in his life, he sees a troop army advanced towards towards for them.

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