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Women wall in Kerala? Yes it is. What actually it has in its store for the future women. Did it make a stir in society? or even in their minds? She alone knows such dilemmas. They are in chains, every nick and crany of this societal affairs. Someday she may come out of it mustering all the strength, and I do believe in that.

Kerala has a long history to tell about its women contenders, and their age denial suppression still made no amendments even in such enlightenment limelights that happen to them occasionally. Just considering that proclaimed 'epic wall' , it seems to be blurred in its reality and its victory songs now heard as perfect elegies. Women still standing on the hornes of dilemma and the rest interpreted it along with the bloody patriarchal tones.

And the authority is also keeping mum at this because if they do take initiative in upholding women and their rights in a practical sense, men's position and their survival will come under threat. So they are only trying to limit such promises orally leaving any chance to get on with its written documents and its further procedures.
The truth is that Women are being tantalized and the unendurable fact is that they are not at all bothered about such terrible plight that they are subjected to, even though they know the grim reality. Still its seems its hard for those souls to break the age old shell of shame, inflicted upon her, why?

Why such inaction is there in their precious soul?

Women's heartfelt emotions and feelings have already been went to some new dimensions of interpretations, tactically, without her knowledge. Still it's taking its dangerous twists and tuns and its our peril anyway. She knows her helpless situation and it means a selfless kind of living though moreover she is perfectly aware about that. The matter probably went like, she hadn't had a chance to got the clear view of it's authenticity. So she left that lose to fate.

Freedom must come from her soul and its screaming out there,she can hear it screaming and now a days she is learning to listen to its pathetic yellings. Its about to break the shackles, so its no more than a decade away. It will happen at any cost and its a natural necessity.

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