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One Physics professor often come to my room and it was his routine ritual, casually enquire what all I have done with literature on that day. We are having a great time together, discussing silly matters of interests, laughing out loud at its expense and so on. Jokingly he generally despise the literary stuffs,holding one of the stories or poems in his hand, says,

"Oh dear what so simple it is, stories! stories! What's its use actually, is that what all about literature, so poor, but here in Physics we are using our time constructively,"

He then starts off with great sagas regarding Physics
"See... world is revolving around physics, it's the basic principle behind every single phenomenon on earth, see the light, water, our advanced life style gadgets, what do you say friend? "
"Literature is all about life sir, it's an inevitable awareness about our day to day life moreover it instructs us how to be a socially responsible fellow, teaches how not to even be a tiny reason for others to be sad for good."

"Oh! no, but you guys are merely story tellers, see " he shook the story book so violently.
"What do you teach, mere silly gossipy stories, not even making students to be critical thinkers, I could even teach them this bloody silly stories but can you teach one of my theories to my students. Okay okay, Today would you mind engaging my students on the subject cantiliver or the properties of matter, or even Thermodynamics"

I was all silent then, I had never thought to offend him or speak ill of his subjects but later when it became intolerable in some respects I started defending my points, I used to call him purely mechanical, a person who doesn't even have the consideration and care for the humanitarian values despite being a reason which makes the life on earth so fast and convenient though it had some horrible implications.
We started our epic battle, it started off with his lectures on Hydrogen bomb and India's "capabilities" in dealing with such, it's proud position before other countries in connection with nuclear stuffs,he then went on and on, Incorporating 1998, APJ, Vajpai, and so on. I could see the wild proudest gleams in his face as he recounted all those in all zealous manner.

"We have that much nuclear reactor in our country, and going to have this much in future, energy source, no problems, 99.9% safety" and some blah blahs. I was all in a fierce mood, positivly, I blamed the Physics for digging their own grave cause the accumulated science could have demonic disasters on people and history has its bitter instances.

"You guys are indoctrinating your physics students about how to destroy this pure environment, and keep making new equations that would in turn do evil explosions, charting things for mad consumptions, see Einstein's equation caused nuclear explosions. You guys are knowingly or unknowingly lead this world in to terrible extinction."

"We don't care such, cause we badly need new energy resources for the future, for the better life standards, that the objective here, and some implications will surely there and that's a necessity though, " He replied.

" We have next set of people yet to come sir, we badly need to handover this earths beauty as its to them, so I don't need the sophisticated lamps out of zillions of nuclear power stations, I only need kerosene lamps, and traditional ameneties, thereby we can slow down its fall." I laughed at it.

" That's also our prerogation, for the countless people that are going to have in our future, we badly need to meet their demands, Physics is the only resort then" He retorted.

I couldn't say anything cause it's never ending discussion so I finally said " You guys are keep digging your own G R A V E and Literature teaches you to be loved and to love. It cultivates an unconditional consideration for the fellow members, never try to deviate their paths to doom. You probably secured your attitude through such children stories back in your childhood and that shaped you the one you see today otherwise you probably be a lifeless man
and thats what literature does and that's all " I suddenly put an end to it.

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