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Hell is way better than being in some stingy "fortunate " occasions, and I sadly regretting it. It's a terrible society out there, all around you, don't be too nice with them, they will tramp down your innocence then push you into the deepest well of suffering, and I well deserved that, most precisely I've asked for it. Don't smile at them for any silly simple reasons, I say to you my weak reflection, they will take in your well spring of kindness, by saying honest lies with no soul in it. It's indeed having no soul when you are in a world of sorted young heads in wolf's clothing. Wolves are far better than the ones who do back stabs with some impish smiles.

I feel no wrath but I sympathise with those pathetic souls nevertheless I cannot but I say I well deserved it. I saw my infinite roles in plenty. I bet no other soul bled this much than my sinful earth,ever, and I'm well deserved in all pathetic ways.
I found my feeble symphonies that turned elegies, went dry in its forceful wilderness, I never wished for such as words found unkind ears. So standing nowhere, lost, and terribly broken.

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