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A special night with zillion heartfelt memories. My words fail me in all respects cause I met God Almight today, not one but many with all embracing smile of concerns and considerations. Humanity is still alive and in action, I do believe in that. My heart is now welled with ever flowing compassion and whole hearted love. I was in their shadow of watch from the very moment they knew my sorrows but I didn't know that.
I hid my sorrows from them but they lend me their solace. I was broken but relieved by their healing touch. I was famished and said no to my incessant cries, restraint over it. But they gave me food in nights' melancholic hours.

They sympathised with me in my miseries and I humbled by their ways. My ever blooming blosom of love !, love them like an immortal valentine, make their deeds repectable and adore their virtues.

I'm humbled by their divine ways. It's never an exaggerated praise but I'm simply listening to my heart's emotional symphonies, it says this and I pen down it after my heart.

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