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Light breeze has already been singing its coolest symphonies by the time our houseboat roared to roam all around the lake's heart. It has zillion sights in its store for us on that special day so our thoughts rowed joyfully along with the delicate turbulent waves.

It's been a memorable journey where I saw never ending rally of houseboats, and its wavy transport through the delicate veins of the lake where its throbbing ways all the while were seemed adventurous and sporty.

Another paradise, where you can broden your thoughts as watching out to the vast promises that a huge lake can offer, you become sober then, trying to get puzzled at its turbulent stillness. My mind went blank for the sake of something that I don't know as I gazed upon its elegant face. I was all alone then, placid, untouched by disquieting close circles. limited circles leave sages in us, a truth unknown.

I knew my thoughts were being drained out from the spheres of my mind, leaving some divine stillness. I was all sane then, in such unique instant, that only happen once in blue moons of solitude, then I heard the divine chanting somewhere from within, my vision blurred, leaving divine darkness all over.

kitchenette dilemmas cooked wild parties with all mysterious vibes and secret vices, I was all sane then too, I wanted my soul to be flown "in the viewless wings of fancy" cause I owe no one nothing. I badly needed a spring like woolf did, so I flew like anything cause I like to take chances in rest of my life, detoured from the ethos, not at all a trivial detour but living my life as its realness, exactly like what I want me to be and I mean it.

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