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It's a joyous fact that the garland of words often fills humble hearts with infinite ectacy. It often thins our precious breath in exhilaration, yes indeed it is. Tip to toe, then there flow it's divine inspirational vibes like anything, leaving us Indescribably fluffy in all ways.

Yes it's the truth. Who has not heard of the western great speeches of eminents and the epic praises that attributed to their versatile souls. Every time when we say countless things regarding those mainstream melodies we simply leave someone important far behind, whose talents too can counterbalance the existing essentials or even can supersede the existing ideals. They are our own pearls of wisdom who blossomed in our lands' courtyards since time immemorial. Unfortunately we barely take heed of such native eminents or show any matter of concern for no known reasons. Visibly we offer any justifiable reasons for our ignorance as it never had been mattered in our westward journey of life, ever.

I recently listened to the epic speeches delivered by some native thinkers and it was simply awesome, making me an instant disciple, without thinking twice. What drew me towards them was their eternal classy eloquence untouched by any mainstream dilemmas, impartial as well. Their way of presenting every utterings was inexplicably delicate in all classy sence. That's what its all about. Our native tounge still exists with all its lively vigiour and everlasting beauty, devoid of the unnecessary intrusions of aliens.

Its our duity to preserve our uniqueness of our cultural sermons in all its humbleness, not for callously uphold its merits to be an unnecessary matter of attraction but to be a responsible, ceasless voice for our native society. We will have something golden from its divine chantings, to share before the world.

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