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"Opportunities never ever knock on your door, but you have to knock on it, with all determination and dedication, otherwise we will be a big zero,no one else is there to help you out, never in million years, so find your own path, make it quick"
his voice unleashed stroms of truths which was well enough for a tranciant viligilence to be in action but I wanted it for good.

Terrible thoughts have been staring at me with all its painful future impish eyes since I started thinking seriously about my life and its lifeless things. I don't know what triggers such sudden revelations of grim realities in a frequent manner, sometimes it goes so severe then it does its irreversable devastation leaving mad symptoms of symphonies in plenty. I have my doubts, cause my mind spying my mindless facts?

So I tore apart my delicate minds illsome notes and searched for nuthouses.
I wished for a days' life in such la la land, me myself, all alone, chained altogether, being the sane insane ,undisturbed from the outer world pains.

Life is pot here, with some invisible crevices, ever going to fill life's hopes, that's certain.
Buy why? Why my thoughts soiled, why its eyes welled, turned a tragic drop of agony?

I need a winter again, let its spiritual sins absolve my soul's virtues blurts, to flee away from the moral quietism. I will be free then, am I?

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