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Being a queer is not all a sinful matter or is ever a choice of a sudden relavation or something. Now a days, as a matter of fact that,I badly needed to be a Queer, have been putting myself in its shoes for some enlightening experiences and I can relate my humble solidarity with its visible truth thats latent and looming over the recent rational exploration in humanity.

Sexual orientation is something that is heteronoramative in nature, a false melody, erroneous at the same time, never ever going to make any sense here as we have its unnoticed and ignored paradigms. We could call those ignored truth as the minority sexual factions those had never been a part of the popular expectations. An age old barricade had been raised in between heterosexuality and homosexuality and the rest so we badly need to cause some disruption for the epic fall of such binaries and such hindrances.
Gender is the trouble maker as it inflicts its impish roles and natutaise it with no reason
life on earth is vivid and its unstable identities need to be acknowledged. In her famous text "Gender Trouble" Judith says,

There is no reason to assume that gender
also ought to remain as two. The
presumption of a binary gender system
implicitly retains the belief in a mimetic
relation of gender to sex whereby gender
mirrors sex or is otherwise restricted by it.
( Judith Butler, Gender Trouble: Feminism and
the Subversion of Identity)

The binaries that's the real hindrance here which sustains such unequal beliefs forming a complex power relations between its divisions and thereby outwits the rest of the category.

One of my student is on her way to form a theoretical base for the issue regarding homosexuality, intersex, gay, leasbian and the like through her project and I found the topic somewhat terribly relevant in all respects. Yes it is and the" Father" of the Quer theory Judith Butler, coined the term though and spoke in favour of the Queer community.

Apparently the term "Queer" comprises all the sexual minorities where they can choose between their own sexual orientation freely as it opens an open stage for its discussion and destabilises the traditional notion regarding the typical natural roles of sex that inflicted there in the society.

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