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Every field of study does have its own unique and diverse significance with ceaseless theoretical back ups and far stretched back yards. Since a person who has only seen the literary lights althrough the way, I would say, rather with all natural innocence, literature is life, it's the word of life so it supersedes the rest in all classy ways. But I'm a fool then, if I go along with its fake version of naturality, I would be doomed to the deepest abyss of ignorance.

I badly need to do away with all such 'one way' of looking at things and must give a second thought, if possible, think more and more before I act on every other damn disciplines of life.

It a special feeling to acknowledge and to be acknowledged by our fellow members, so we become more philosophical, where we can bring all other much needed recipes of life and can be purely 'natural'. I was taught to be like that but I don't feel like being an obstinate preacher. But I need to explore more.

Sometimes I think, why literature do this heck, knitting some instant stuffs in the fancy of imagination and be a setting for the zillion stingy theories to be formulated and then other grave comedies follow. I shouldn't say such, cause it does have its merit of high seriousness but it's a thought out of some second thoughts, a genuine doubt. But Could we possibly be able to convey our own disciplin's real doses of life values to its beneficiaries, at its timly execution levels?. Words mould a mind of any kind when it's done in a right way in right time.

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