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Some bigmouth bullshit ones never going to be sane in any possible ways. Anytime they will show their evil masks, such impish bastedness is not a rare matter for them but indeed an inborn trait, what more,.a love child could only do dream daydreams of manners but never can have an ounce of such preciousness. In times its bad sagas roll out from them all the while they are in somewhere else, and gnarls with all idiotic emotional excitements, setting against themselves one another. Such nutters never deserve any pity, even though they can turn themselves angels in the brink of an eye. Beware of that kind, the Brutus of modernity,

I feel pity of those pathetic souls, but never going to soothe their souls, let such despicables go to pigs. They need nuthouses as their soul longs badly for it. Never fall for their fake masks, it may give a night's promises leaving tantalised tell tales, never fall for those.

Their vicious nicer tones are well enough to drow your innocent passions, you poor soul! be proud for that holy trait of yours, anyway never crush your unconditional innocence in their terrible tones of excuses. My colleague frequently says, " those who eat salt shall drink water" Yes indeed, let them be.

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