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"Does it matter" a chapter from Richard Leakey's famous text " The Sixth Extinction (1995), is really an eye opener. Our environment does need utmost care and caress cause it's having a hard time with its current host. As its a matter of fact our being in this very world is just a mere accident of history. One of many other species ,having some set of dominant traits compared to that of other accidental lives, that what those throbbing lives.

So the sixth extinction is the matter here. It's been almost 65 million years since humanity entered the scene with all special traits and as the time passed they evolved into the modern shaped ones with complex brainy matters and the rest. But our real predecessor Homosapiens have only been strolling here and there for one hundred and fifty thousand years. The thing is that the modern carbon dating and radio metric age dating processes, precisely the fossil record calculations say the average life span of a species is lasting between one and ten million years. So humans still got time to get into some parties, they have reasons to be all happy.

The 4.5 billion old earth does have its cleansing activities and it did so earlier through the five gigantic extinctions. After one extinction there usually prevail a massive kind break where the newly combatants started struggling to get on with the newfound lands, and it longs for almost five to twenty five million years.

Here in this essay kind chapter, Leakey considers a famous wager as a backdrop for the reading that took place between Simon and Ehrlich, in the end Simon won the bet in all victorious manner. They were having two opposing views concerning biodiversity. Erlich spoke in favour of considering biodiversity and the latter was all against it. Any way the biologist Erlich had to go back with all despair.

Paul Enrlich says since we are having erronous judgements regarding the species matter, that's its mass destruction and regeneration we need not have to be worried by such. Its exactly like saying people are less interested about a fire castostrophe that happens in the world's only genetical library cause they are not that well informed about its mysterious treasures. Scientists will keep checking its intensity and duration where how the fire works out there, how it does it demolition and so on.

If an astroid comes on a course with earth, people would definitely be worried as they are accustomed to some similar heard melodies. According to Simon the industrialist it would miss somehow, at the same time what if it really happens, then it would do equal peril to the Earth. So if such do happens what will be the scenario? Do we have to witness or suffer our own 'sixth extinction' How does it happen anyway? A plenty of questions are there to be answered. We badly need answers here. And it's a terrible necessity though.

Leakey here introduces three main areas: economic, ecosystem services and aesthetic, those which need to get the sustainable certification in all harmonies and there says
each species does have some potential value associated with itself and loss of that particular species minimize that value. So each species does have its all peculiar unique value at its core and it varies with many then it does its chemistry of interconnectivity where it creates a life web. Do we need to protect the entire species or some could be eradicable at cost of human wellness? Questions are arising still with all curious dilemmas so we need answers here.

According to Simon its not that a serious matter to be considered as it does not cause any harm to the humanity and its a foolish thing to protect the entire biota at the expense of human welfare. His 'practical' sense found no reason to extol its sustainabilities. But here Leakey refutes Simon's view by considering Les Kaufmans' and stick to Kaufman observation that a piece of soul dies along with the anhillation of one species.

He says, 'We risk eroding the human soul if we allow the erosion of the richness of the world of nature around us'.

Simon says as its all about the nurturing, which is being done through the artificial methods and the daily technological advents can have its forever benefits till our species' end. But Leakey is doubtful about that. He asks could we able to do the same for the next seven billion years, without even resorting to that of anything which is natural or something?. Simon says our needs can have its desired results with the ceaseless treasure of natural resources as there are no limits in resorting it.

But when we look into historical chapters, as its a useful guide but at the same time, Leakey says, it can blind us in all ways. As we are least bothered about the natural techniques and its spontaneous technicalities, we usually are wrong about everything that's nature.

We must be having some consideration for the entire biota. Nature is acting on its interactive mechanism of countless species. The ecosystem services work on the natural practicality of biodiversity's diverse output input relations, owing to a gigantic biotic dynamic system. That system cannot be diminished through any simple silly species hunts though. Cause we hardly know how can we be safe at the expense of some living sensitive species' destruction.

We are still on the horns of dilemma since we are going along with some prejudiced predictions cause we falsely pretend that this much is must for molding a healthy biota or we can eradicate some species for making room for humans and so on. But today we are totally on a rampage and our earth is gradually marching towards the so called sixth extinction.

We live in the present times with being perceived by the time, on the other hand we perceive the time all the while we live here and getting involved in the reading of historical chapters of our diversity, such as considering fossil records of carbon dating or radiometric age dating or something thereby we can have a faultless picture of the dynamism of living systems.

By being a potential agent in the ruining of our earth, moreover in a stealthy way, we cannot easily blame its responsibility on to other extra terrestrial matters. Extraterrestrial indeed matters but it's result would definitely be same as our dehumanizing deeds that we have been done to our environment. We then getting into the forethought of such biological catastrophe that happened before and comprehend the fact that any species can endure any massive blow on to them. It'll perish all togetherly.

One way or the other we, by terribly being the responsible idiots for the extripation of species and we must admit that. Here Leakey admits his part in the story anyway. The fossil records says life on has been working on a dynamic process of change where by this cleansing and regeneration phenomenon have therefore been a spontaneous necessity on the ecosystem.
One set of species does have a continues genetic matter that even connects its billion years legacies of its predecessors and such long chain of connections could simply be cut down by a careless deeds of humanity.

Anti alarmists will never support this 'save species' campaigns as they find it completely a waste of time, money and effort. Their rational response are too based on the scientific utterances cause the average life span of a species is all about one to ten million tears. They may end their journey for good anyhow whether we protect them or not so keep on going with 'this dominant principles 'so says man. Jay Gould says, in a bit sardonic in tone, it's exactly like saying we usually do not treat a childhood disease as its a naked truth that we will definitely have a life span period and after covering it up we will breath our last.
Getting back to the dynamic process of life the as Leakey says after one mass destruction "one rapidly fills the void left after mass extinction". That's how its working though.

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