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Considering the famous novel Alchemist and it's alchemy matter, we can say undoubtedly that its a modern classic in all sense cause we cannot but admire the bewitching lines that is there in the text, and it's all vibrant inspiring vibes.

It's a story of a boy, Santiago where he sets off his journey to find his predestined fate of miracles. Something called "personal legend " is mentioned there. There goes the boy,although the story, overcome hurdles, learns new things, finally a great relevation struck the boy and he becomes all philosophical to relieve himself from all the instances. At one level it can be interpreted as an infliction.

"When you want something, all the Universe
conspires in helping you to achieve it."

There you go, it indeed true but considering it from some angle it's purely a solacing kind of interpretation thereby we give compliments to the factors that acted as a catalyst towards our goal, an act of acknowledgment.Sometimes we humbled before it unnecessarily, ignoring our conscious part. We then started giving some mysterious exaggeration to it where we ignore our senses badly. Mind's wings of fancy find one in million ways, but entirely a hallucination.

A false play of words that's literature,sometimes I felt such, by carrying on with its invisible halo of whitewashed lies we are becoming the blind philosopher who are searching for black cat in a dark room. It's an artful creation though but too much beautiful decorations make one a day dreamer, widening their gap between imagination and reality, stuffing that person with false pictorial images regarding an object or something. That person's emotional liasion with that of the powederd words become a mere dream but a tangled dilemma in reality. Little lies in profusion, scattered fake fascinations of literature now a days taking its toll so we badly need to do away with such.

If a robbery is done in a classy way, without even using the hectic crazy methods, it doesn't mean that it cannot be come under crime section. I'm not blaming the entire matter as forgery but some of it entirely can consider as the duplication of lies. Some sugarcoated lies and we took proud of it, recounting and reciting it every now and then.

True lies of literature has already been a heated discussion and how it can be a truth all the while having the title "fiction". At the same time we say "It's fictitious" or "It's only a fictional, not factual " in our daily conversation.

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