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Heterosexual dilemmas are ruling the roost in every mainstream societal affairs, leaving behind other sexual orientations, blaming unnatural, unethical and inferior.

We cannot go for such traditional divisive morals as it never has had given a room for such thoughts. If there is something regarding such LGBTQ matters we blindly push them into a subcategory, a deviant kind, sometimes an outcast and the like.

Heterosexuals can be heteroflexible or bisexual, means those who come under this title can have sexual attraction towards both women and men.
Same sex relationships can have its own rights as it never has any 'natutal' obstructions but we simply cannot go for such as our mind has already been bewitched by the unrational ethical policies. Since childhood we have been learning this, as a kind of indoctrination, and twists the natural realities.

Life on earth is diverse, it means all, inch by inch.
Ancient civilizations had entertained same sex relationships, the historical chapters give such informations with solid proofs and so its not an entirely "new phenomenon " as some accuses it to the moral decay of this hyper connected modern life.
So the dichotomous rules regarding sexuality needs to be problamatized and such dualities should change for a better environment. Post modern theories has already paved the way to the much awaiting revolutionary reformations and sooner or later we will overcome it.

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