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It's all about a mad time and it has been a feast for my great ire as things started go upside down. Life is so cruel sometimes but not everytime, yes some relievable thoughts, but never relieved, never in million years. But those "sometimes" cast forever scars on our delicate innocence, leaving behind a terrible past that no one ever likes or wishes to look back for any silly simple reasons.

Sorrows, a plenty frequently drop me in with all impish grins. It insidiously does it's irrevocable annhillation and then I breath my last with all emotional traumas. I see my funeral procession where I need no souls to sympathise with my miseries. I'm buried alive and darkness has loomed over. That darkest future holds something that I don't know but I'm sure, it has something precious that I search zealously.

Three souls, a terrible present, a hopeless tomorrow and some bitter past moments. Yes thats our saving, that's what we got anyway, hell with all who lends their fake promises.

Thoughts, terrible, do away with it.

But it gives some thoughts for my turbulent tomorrows, a premonition? may be.
My daily days conspire for something....for something I long for, I feel so.

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