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"Look at me attitude'' is all about an immature phase of our life, a phase where we see and grasp things only to show the world that "I'm existing here so please mind me."

I don't know how everyone's version on this topic goes but as far as my mind takes me to somewhere where I often find myself sane sometimes, may be, anyway, I would say,

"Yes It's all about narcissistic policies, the erranous concepts regarding the beauty and our twisted versions of it, our castles in the air, getting fooled by our deeply affected halo of illusions and so on... "

Before when I see someone I often picturise myself as a centre where revolve their attentive casual looks and considerations around my soul, though a false melody it was, I used to found a hilarious joy in it. But life taught me that it was a mere dilluaion, I was a patient then, a patient of some terrible visions where I saw things invisible and grasped matters where it's hadnt born.

As the terrible time passes with some other time which is harmlessly okay, towards an enlightened present, we can only look back in some embarrassed moods but still such 'look at me' traumas will show its silly symptoms every now and then but in my case,I usually don't care as I have just already been taught the real trials and tribulations of life. I wouldn't say I am free from it entirely, but to be frank, if you suffered that much in your life, everything will be found so ordinary and trivial in your sight. An inactive emotional excitements will take over every single things and that's what it is. I wish I had this life since my inception of my teenage, if I had so I wouldn't have that fool to slipped into such sinful melodies.

Life's lessons, I mean the lessons that come out of terrible experiences of our life can turn you a real sage.

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