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Towards Heights
Yet another journey to the peaks of luxurious mounteneering. I couldn't do it though in the real sense as it was off with the calving season or something. A total despression, My castles in the air withered then. But I travelled further to the heights, stayed on the road above, saw its alluring beauty from far. Tantalizing, so someday I will.

It's a hard day anyway. Sun never seemed tired in chanting unpleasant mantras on me. It turned my eyes blurred, dancing dusts inhale the ills all the way, leaving terrible scars in my lungs.

Greenish tea plants, stood as if they were the well disciplined troupes, were the real feast to eyes though the summer played wild cards every now and then during the day.

I told my stories to them, the wonders of nature, sat on its delicate lap I proved myself a good story teller, myown storie, the untold ones. I gave my sinful soul up to it's all embracing smiles. I lost my traumas somewhere in between the talks. I'm relieved now.

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