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No other emotion is as awkward as the feeling of an emotional idiot who often invites the sympathetical considerations from others. I find it so hard to be a poor soul, to withstand such sensitive situations, in the midst of their hertfelt eulogies on my false sinful earth. Yes, it may be my own version of it, may be I'm wrong because I am still learning the ways of the world in which how such factors do matters in our life.

In its core, the invisible visbilities will say that, what matters today will ever again be the true things of tomorrow. Life is a trancient dream, a bubble, and a joke of nature. It gives away innumerable novelties and now it's my turn. So I'm a fool if I hold on to my beliefs. I badly need the 'give up' policies for a good cause. The unstoppable enigma of the art of giving up is need to be felt than listening from some unheard symphonies.

I hate receiving pity from my circle of known ones. I don't deserve it moreover I never wished for it.

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