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Media manipulation has already become a terrible issue now a days. Innumerable fake informations with all exaggerated things are spreading like a contagious disease and it is unendurable. Public opinions regarding a particular issue too is no different from the illfated status of Media manipulation, and through the ongoing cyboric ages' new media platforms it's having a hellish ride.

Under the guise of some authentic, legitimate source or information, fake news is taking its impish diplomatic stand in disseminating false information. Detouring from the media ethics and principles, such piece of scoops are exploiting and capitalising the working of our subconscious mind and it instills some irrevocable illsome influences on our delicacy of mind. I remember Soren Kierkegaard's views here and it's relevant here.

How could they be so mean in giving informations to the public in such a way. Some people are reporting news, peppering it with some spicy and grave ingredients, in a way where we cannot find any sane relation 'later'.By the way, at that very time, we indulged in its halo, gaped at its transient authenticity and believe everything that they say and that's it. Serious lies roll out of their tongues leaving the mass perfect fools.
The proliferation of such unstable stabilities needs to be fixed.

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