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Caricatureing inspirations.
Considering a tiny bit of my self, I have a habbit of keeping every single past moments so secretly, I ofen bundle it together and it then adore the secret shelves of some hidden dungeon kind shelves. Because I had that intimate connection with my yesterdays and it cannot be said cause putting such into words, it's not that easy though.

Whenever I badly needed to go back to those good olden days I used to open the bundle of those everlasting memories and careses it gently for the sake of letting out the spontaneous nostalgiac feeling of a pathetic soul who loves past unconditionally, smiles at those bygone childish actions of that time and so on.

It was a record book of physics that came out to me from nowhere from the precious heaps of that acumulatted texts where I incredibly watched those alien kind experiment drawings like vernier calipers, sonometer, the simple pendulum and so on. Because I was never a big fan of Physics then. I was using that text for scribbling down my degree short notes and other vauge things as the record book had a lot more wide blank pages behind every experiment pics and it all happened during my graduation.

I turned to pages to pages, gave little notice to my Physics drawings, instead astonished at my degree day workings of mind that superbly vandalised the rest of the spaces of pages, how tiny and immature it was, oh dear, I wondered.

Suddenly my eyes strucked on a caricature of one of my dear professor from college time and yes, I can see that, I drew him well with all love and inspiration at that time. He was our man of dreams then, so I don't know may be such sincere admiration turned out to be a picture or something, I don't know exactly. I jumped to next pages for more and to my surprise, the text didn't turn me down, not one but a couple of his pictures were there, one I'm being mentored by him at staffroom, his comments were superbly put in baloons and another one he is taking classes and it went like that.

Today as a faculty there, who is standing at my professor's shoes in reality, I cannot but I should be having some nostalgic regrets, but anyway I didn't admonish that boy that much on that very hour where everyone was busy listening to my lectures and I was half appreciating that boy for his artistic talents. Though I drew my professor out of respect and benevolence, here in my students' case, I can say that, it will definitely be a different story as I was having a tough time with those vagabonds like him. Anyway, I wondered at it cause he drew my picture I was being a "model" for some time and at least I was happy at the thought that atleast a boy was there to listen to my feeble explicitness as I was always outwitted in all other platforms. Sometimes I feel so pity of my students deplorable situation casue they are forced to listen some unpleasant classes they never liked to be with but we had no choice. In it I'm standing at the lecture stand, I found myself in it so sane than my own reflections on mirror, appreciable.
But I said to him,

"okay good but please do away with this matters, as its meant for class time. You can have anything in your text, it's your right but it shouldn't be an interruption in the rights of others''

Yes may be the recurrence of events, who is to blame? don't know here, I was lucky cause I didn't do it at class hours but at homely lonely hours, only when I had some sincere feelings for that individual.

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