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A Brave Trekking story: Part 1
I felt as if I was slowly dying myself when I stepped on each roughly paved stones all the way up. It'd been a tiresome trekking I have ever had though, particularly all alone , without even having a bottle of water, a brave move, a foolish one at the same time. Any other much needed stuffs that every trucking soul supposed to have with them lacked in my trip. It's a challenging decision for me moreover It's a memorable one packed with some funny and adventurous events.The reason was obvious, I was not allowed to get ino it's premises but I sneaked into the solo mission with all adventures moods.

My old horse didn't allowed to enter into the premise of Kolukkumalai at first like I have just said as it had a check point, with a grave security officer. He was middle aged man with good physic, a real Tamil man anyway. For any reason he never smiled, talked so mechanically with out even having the introvertable sense to know and feel what really are the wants and needs of solo travellers. A selfish musing, that's all. He was keep checking all the jeeps with toursts and those all had been made a never ending line for the clearance.

"Sir I want to go there, Kolukkumalai, "

I pointed beyond the check post like a child. My feeble voice seemed much more pathetic before him because I was all tired by the time I climbed the whole way to the valley of that alluring peak. A ride through the evergreen tea plantations, against the coolsome winds which always hit your face like a delicate feather touch leaving real cool impressions to soothe your travel is indeed an awesome experience.

"Are you all alone? Don't you have any friends or anyone with you?"

"No sir, I just came by myself"

" Oh no, first go and get somebody, then I will allow you to pass. Okay? "

I was all curious then but his sudden response was a slap on my dreams, I got disappointed then. But I had already decided those whole thing a week ago and how could I turn back and go home empty minded. I was all depressed then. I stopped there thinking about the failed trip that I was going to have. Suddenly an elderly man, not that old probably in his late forties came near me. My urge to find alternatives brimmed with all anxiety out of my 'failing trip' situation, so I decided to enquire him. With all inqusitivenes I looked at him.

" Anna? Would you mind telling me is there any other possible ways to get to the top. The security officer is not letting me go. "

I was being terribly humble in my Tamil language. Anyway he enquired about my whereabouts and we talked a couple of minutes regarding the hiking. The two minutes turned everything upside down, a real booster to my journey. His admonishing tones gave new life to my fading hopes.

"Thampi, you just don't seek the permission from him, you just go casually through the barricade pretending that you are from colony. Otherwise, mm, you do onething, if anyone ask you anything just tell them you are dropped one Mr. Anthony in for some reasons. They will let you go. Okay?. Now you go, don't waste your time."

"Okay thanks Anna, how long will it take to reach the top? Can I go with this bike? or something".

My questions rolled out from my mouth even before I got legal sanctions but I was confident enough to enquire such. He gave me a thirty seconds kind brief information regarding it, something about stopping at a temple, a waterfall, a concrete road ending and a zillion kind instructions at a stretch but I couldn't memorise those with proper connections instead it got into my mind all in a jumbled manner.

" Okay thak you very much Anna". I looked at him so adorably with all Oscar winning gratitude emotions then.

Words found barren in extending my heartfelt gratitudes because I was transfixed by the way that Tamil village man helped me with all his kind words.
He walked away then and I turn my bike towards the check post. I was all panting then even before the climbing of the hill cause it's a decisive level. Any thing can happen. I badly needed to pass that test. Luckily the Jeeps with tourists partially hid me from the direct view from that security things and it was more than enough for me.
A real battle ground where I want myself to running between the shots. To get me with this motor thing to the other side of that post. My old horses' engine roared and coughed with all feeble furious ways. I waited for the security to get into the cabin. Suddenly a couple of Harley Davidson bikes came from the Peaks' area. In that bum bum commotion, another bike with loud voice, a modified RX 100, I guess, drove past me, passed the entrance like a rocket. Hardly a minute later it came back with that beettle sound.
That boy is going two and fro here so why should I? I thought, suddenly a Jeep roared and moved and finding it a favorable situation, I moved quickly, passed those great barricades with all victorious songs. I got a fraction seconds' dizziness there as I crossed the post because I pictured his angry face in my mind. Would he yelled at me, seeing me violating his instructions? Don't know. But I couldn't stop for any possible stuff that could have happened there. I was really running between two shots and I did it anyway.
Soon after I passed that trial, I was just like, I thought I won a great battle and now I'm in. Oh! It's a great experience to me. For the first time in my life I took that sudden decision still today l cannot forget that sneaking mission. My old horse seemed equally relived as I was. It ran through that jumpy roads like , intermittently coughing loud, stopped at terrible curves upwards, and went on and on. Only one destination up there, that's the seven thousand feet high Kolukkumalai, I was releaved at its thoughts, only quarter a way through. Yes it is,....

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