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Midnight Motivations
"I gonna go for some other things that my heart actually longs for. I've never been listened to it so far and my mind, the real villain of my story failed my ways. It gave unwanted and unworthy motivations in times not finding whether I have the right potential for such or not. I cannot take it anymore, truly. Moreover my days here have come to an end, I guess so. The verdict has already been done and it's all done on justifiable grounds. I know my height anyway sir, As far as my mind goes right, it's not my piece of cake I presume. I shouldn't have been an accuser of those packs of wolves because nothing comes directly from the head of Jupitor. I know my deplorable height sir."

Saying these matters at a stretch to him my mind went one more step backwards with some latent agonies. He sat in his bed with all calm and quiet expressions as usual and it made me more open. He was my only resort to share my mental agonies. At first I denied when I was asked to sit on his bed as there were no other seats at his room. But he insisted so I sat there like a feathery soul.

" Oh dear sir, how could you say this, just believe in your damn dreams of life and you know? it has the real ability to transform and transfer such to reality, no?."

He was all inspirational in tone but on that late evening I found terrible voids in it, the real fake freakish made up utterings. But anyway he was finding all other nicest things that lied there in his life's dictionary to make me comfortable.

" So callous, kindly don't get offended sir. I went to the whole hog to see whether such inspirational stuffs do actually have heartfelt feelings for others and rejuvenate the feebles. I travelled through some unknown and forbidden ways to find the real truth in it. But I couldn't find any sane connection between the two, I mean between the real realities and the so called quotes. You guys are giving unwanted pills of motivation, that in turn pushes my kind to the limits of melancholy. "
I said this to him so helplessly. I knew my words were being stabbed by the weakest symphonies of that late evening. He then took a deep breath looked away for a second but seemed not ready to give up. He went on with the nicest words again and the thing is that I had already been accustomed to his moral lectures. At some turnings he was damn right about me and I nodded at his admonishments.
" I will definitely pray for you dear sir, hope for the best "
That was his last words as I said good bye to him. I walked through that haunted verandahs and got out into the darkest breast of that night.

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