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Travel alone
Its one of the best day in my life as I saw the real relics of nature left behind by the busy catcalls of modernity. Yes it's all indeed about the nature, the pure holiness of real liveliness, its bewitching beauty indeed it bears and it can be perceived in its realness only by being a solivagant.

It seemed the riverbed had some strange mystical secrecy with its forever ally, water, as they always embraced each other, whispering in each other's ear.
I didnt know what triggered me to get there particularly in the midst of a heartrending journey, may be a wake up call to some short lived solace or a conspiring care from the universe that hold for me then.

I took a hazy stroll over the roughly moulded rocks, vigilant in every steps, gaping at the artistic talents of water. I wondered how such contoures can be drawn by its naked hands, so adorable. After saying unfortunate good byes to lectures in college for good, I took the road that more travelled, not like Frost, but desolated in every wild respects. The route towards Idukki and the roads were wriggling like a snake all along that wild forest area. My old Motor Bike seemed so releaved soon after we entered into that road, at the turing of that usual busy bullshit path and I could see a unique gay on its face at that detour. It coughed less and no more shrieks to be heard then than it often did before as if it liked the journey. Solo songs of the trees could be heard at every turnings and it was only on half way where I saw that eloquent river, the river charm and I stopped by its wild innocence. We exchanged our silent regrets each other, and soon after I did it, I started to feel the peace deep down inside and it started to spread all over me. The inner peace for some eternal solivagancy. I lied to the railings of the nature, like a decipherer, in all ears to the canonical relics of its ancientness. I could heard it saying peace and it had been made a big bang inside my motionless mindful reveries.

I had a towel with me and some other sad things in my small baggage as I was just vocated my room from college, so I took a bath in the river charm, so cool.

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