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Women are always a hottest and spiciest recipe in arts and other fields of activities, some microscopic exceptions are there but, recurring thoughts of a liberal mind though, so kindly don't get bored with it, more or less it's the reality anyway.
There is circulating an iniquitous social energy all around. Beware!, it will certainly lead us to some blind ends.
The notions out of the traditional songs are somewhat need to be repudiated soon but it should be cut with precision from its deepest connections with that of the patriarchal affairs. A minor faultless fault will contempt you for sure. Not a radical one though but some much needed surgical moves. The move should not be done in the shadow of men but with him, shoulder to shoulder. If the shadow is all about the mutual compact written in equal terms especially to figure things out that matters, then it's fine.

So giving space for some age long deniels to turn on the right deviations of life is a difficult task for anybody at its inception. Its as usual but I would say to refute its illusions by being sceptical about the heard melodies of our times. Heard melodies have its deepest root in us so as our emotional excitements and feelings are seen in tangled state out of its latent illsome diplomacies against women and we admire it blindly. We long for some typical climax where she gives her all self at his feets to be the ideal one in our eyes. A detour will be uncomfortable for us so my cousin retorted after watching a women centred Malayalam cinema "Uyare", It's a good film from Malayalam, a feminist actress plays the lead role there who had been treated so badly and considered a 'feminichi' in the eyes of all other superstar fans out there, the real despicable ones indeed who lack the real sense of life. Ok my cousin says,
"Oh it lacks" the film "the finishing touches cause she denied him with all smiles. If it was ended with their marriage it would have been more superb"

I became critical then, tried to convince him but went in vain. Its been a long time since I stopped watching cinemas at theatre but this one was special for me cause a female is playing the central character, yes that's a marvel fact in Malayalam industry... especially a 'feminichi' is being taken the critical position for the rest of the male chauvinists.

some deviation here, not a detour actually but some facts regarding Women and Malayalam cinema.
Like any other language Malayalam cinema was no different from the strong hold of male supremacists as it never portrayed women as natural equals. Man made all the film stuffs and found it yet another powerful medium for his power propagandas over the sexual beings. Men represented the humanity and the history whereby women was their pleasure principles.
Some unfortunate happenings that had happened there,sexual violence, against an actress and from there on women folk, only a few feminists precisely, raised their voice against the Malayalam Cinema federation who took a shocking decision on the issue. The most unendurable fact was that the hawks of Cinema handed in glove with attacking wolves there by depriving the prey with all silly trivialities. The most deplorable fact among all was that the colony of hawks had some chosen women souls and it was a heart rendering sight to see them speak in favour of the male tyranny. Its all about an actress who brutally treated by some goons.

No wonder this happened here cause it's only a visible danger that is reported-probably one tenth which occur. Similar instances still pop up every year and took place in the past but all silenced in the back screen. If we explore more we will definitely have our own muffled catalogue of open tyrannies.
So that's all about it, along with this diplorable circumstances there made some revolutionary advancements in the Malayalam cinema industry. Since they were denied justice the sisterhood of Malayalam cinema industry dared to took their brave stands and stood under some 'feminichis' for their rights. But Media and some newly bloomed troll traitors fough them teeth and nail, bending facts with all expertise in edited vandalism. But it could not destroy the newly sprouted vigiour for the new ends towards some revolutionary beginnings. Its under way and the equations started deconstructing itself for its own sake.

(The word "feminichi" is used by others to contempt women who act for the good cause for womenfolk.)

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