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Challenges, underway
It's a big challenge for anyone who has no one but only their haunted souls to give a company, to get into some revolutionary decisions for some forever good causes for their life.
It's a do or die scenario where some decisions roll out from them without even their knowledge precisely for their nearby isle of hopes. Sometimes the push and pull of the circumstances force such brave moves from their feeble world but there the universe conspiracies regarding the survival means a lot here. After all its a natural phenomenon where we do things exactly like a fish does its final efforts to get its life back "out of a kind of a fish out of water situation".

Nature is the reality. It cares the entire stuff out there in its store. It polishes every single damn things with all artfullness, deconstructs things that seem no more useful, mould every single matter accordingly and many more. I'm now in its hands wriggling like a worm. No clues..

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