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Feel so bad about every sad step that I take every single day, moreover it spontaneously turns out to be a heartfelt melancholy and I do know why. A definition of helplessness. I know why it happens all around me cause it's palpable and so heartrending. I can see it happening, right before my decayed eyes and I can't help doing anything to mend my ways. So things started falling apart still I know why.

Life's impish smiles, so terrible but I feel sorry for something that I don't know. The only thing I know is that its all about my selfless soul and its sad symphonies. But still I can say ,I can't help taking right directions but my ways take directions that often doom my memory lanes.

I realise that the life's indeed a nuthouse for the feebles where they are dead alive. Ecclesiastes is right, for every thing there is a time and season, a time to ripe and time to cast away for good. I hope that some delicate permanent cessations would do the healing trick and I saw many won their races in eternal cessations. Like an innocent flower deflowers when it's time arrives. I want to won my races with all wide crevices in my heart. Let the elegy sing symphonies for my poor soul. I will be relieved then. I hope so.

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