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Now a days Peter, a zealous conservative, suggests some UK politics, referring me some specific article publishers to get in touch with but I'm having a little clue regarding the aforementioned matter in detail. He said it's all from centre-right bulletin from capx, I presume its a legalised publisher of government policies, from the reading though. He was indulging in the local politics now a days and had talk with prominent politicians there, he said so in his last mail. The list starts from the prime minister Teresa May and some prominent candidates. I must say this, its cool talking to him through mails about everything English.

So now a days I've been just glancing around it, trying to grasp the news as best as I can that is revolving around the problems that exposed the Brexit. Its all about Conservative news all around the bulletin because Brexit has made some adversities in the party and its credentials among the people.

I'm not sure about the facts but I guess so.

But the very language used in each articles are so educational for me. They were pinpointing the candidature of some eminent leaders and their most recent rise to glory. They are having a forensic scrutiny on every 313 MPs of the party thereby letting others know about its need to do so. Party business there is weaning and almost fell down out of the Brexit matter, they say, so its high time to elect a leader who must be having extraordinary abilities and remarkable talents, to heal the underlaying ills that Brexit caused and its underway. Every article is backing respective candidates of the Conservative Party digging out the positive points of them and they justifies their pick for their ones' pitch for the game. They cannot be wrong this time, cause it's a crucial one for the conservatives in every respects.

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