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Feeling Hopeless
Hopes are the real solace for a wrecked soul because it ensures a better future someday for some impalpable reasons. Someday it saves his or her aspirations with proper dosage moreover it depends and we don't know when and where. Hopes are the final refuge for anybody who thinks life a nightmare of disasters. I frequently hope tomorrows would bring smiles for the sinful and the wretched souls because it can do miracles at any point. Our minds are so fragile, it breaks after a free fall either from the heights or similar event happens when something fall on its delicacy. Life is a labyrinth of uncertainties. It withers from hard blows of life. It digs deep greavyards to bury us alive with all unkindness. But just be strong, have faith, bravely confront the impossible. We can then see many daylights.

Again I say that still do have hopes... because it moves life in action. Just be the flexible and at least we are super alive at the moment we are reading this piece.

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