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Mad preaches
One of my cousin often says that we should content with what we actually have and then he says that, hopes of a good hearted man never goes in vain,one day he will be having his justice, he will be rewarded after his heart. He may be trampled down by the selfish crooks but no one cannot defeat his righteousness towards his life.

My doubts, being a gueinipig is never a well deserved break from rights. So go against the grain with all your hearts' chanting. There is no use in getting a reward after being thrashed by the hellscapes of life.

And he was not done by those. Every now and then he refers Holy Bible to withstand his own philosophy and, frankly, it always make me sick in all means. I ignore him then turning towards some other direction in anger. Not only does he exaggerates the word of God, but he terribly ignores the practical uncertainty behind every lines. Put simply, he is a God's closest acquaintance and that's all what he follows blindly. The bottom line here, as far as my opinion states itself for something's sake , regarding these mad speeches, I saw no Gods so far, ever got any revelation but only posh Godmen in plenty, the sect of disgusting parasites indeed.

Blasphemous? yes indeed no other clarifications. Why? by being a harmless one, I could go this extremes on such topics. The answer is simple here. Life is bringing me up with real lessons of visible morals. I'm content with what I'm having, it's not because of the verses those which sometimes sings sacred songs with the one sect and blame the so called other side of life and it's people so vehemently.

Coming back to my cousins' case, he searches some monolithic entity to relate his irresponsible responsibilities. If something happens he sings, all is well and that's same with when he found the gleames of failures. He is awaiting some visa for some La La land touring and I am so sad with his delusion. He says it's that star and this star that causes this much sucking troubles and tribulations. And this color would bring fortune and zillions blunders were rolling out of him and I feel so anxious about him.
My stand is that, we supposed to take the good things and ignore the weeds of such verbal holliness that curses the the weeds like anything.

In the end, yet the blossoming of all of these doses of virtues from some Holy factories, I take notes from the nature. So I'm truly happy with what I have, though it's a hard one to acquire but the thing is, I did it.

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