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World Cup Homecoming 2019
Peter Teisan would be so proud of English cricket team by now and I can see it. It's been a long waiting and English men deserved it more cause, in the case of home crowd, the great Lord's arena and many more factors. When look back we can say that it's all about the tournament of uncertain incidents as the matches advanced through the days of some misfortunes where predictions found mere proud inflictions before diplorable falls of some teams. Some from the top of the tables and in the blink of an eye some turned tables with historic win.

But for Ben Stock, English would have been crumbled. We have to admit the fact that his blissful unfortunate head on collision with the ball in the final over made the real English twist and epic turn. God's head, the English crowd needed it badly and it happened. Captain on the other side, feel so sorry for Kiwis, were so critical regarding that "unfortunate six" Ben stock phenomenon and it's just happened with all victorious songs, whatsoever.

The final moment, I could see English team mates flying in the air with ectacy but indeed the well disciplined one even from the crowd. It reminded me Indian celebration back in 2011 and it was hilarious and crazy compared to Englishmen's. So quite and calm and well deserved disciplined way of handling the much awaited golden cup moreover that's all about the English in all means. English shows the world how one should be and what one should be in every occasions, with flawless refined manners, be it sport or any other fields they are simply awesome. We had been followed their trails and still looking up to them in every respects, it's not all about flattery but a humble try to take the good and it does not mean forgetting the past. Anyway let it be cause it was one in many invasions, a delicate one though and an eye-opening one indeed. So the dichotomy of the pros and cons of English invasion of the East weighed more for the pros to me as the time took my being far from those days. I was critical of the merits than the other painful side, but sometimes I get confused.

Another thing was about the British culture, the men out there are so prissy elevated and polished personalities, I remember the British actor Emma Watson said on a late American Show when she was asked about the difference in culture between American and English she said, English men are well put together and dress well and not that open in handling to begin a relationship but when she came in America she found men started asking her for dating soon after a mere day-old small talks.

Whatsoever the Cup has just been arrived to its home, and the precious stone that set in the silver sea today has a reason for joy.

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