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A little bird and I
You know something ?, life is all about a kind of evolution of the facts and factors that pass through our lives' daily lively actions, may be we are not in a direct contact with it in a way its not necessary though and we have to. It's so bizzare, the process of evolutionary kind stuff moreover its a forceful confrontation. Whatever we do to pause its tick ticks around, it will come for us in our midnights' reveries. Then there will be a stop for a million days, and there blooms new designs for the next sect, I don't know truly but they say so, the real prophets of life and I adore them.

We derail then for the facts of moments, moreover we fall for it.

A little bird told me all this, and it has a tiny bit of a thing about what life should be and how should it takes its course of journey here in this fast ever moving world affairs, to some uncertain point.

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