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The untold Socialism
Party basics have already been crumbled with the recent happenings here in the extreme South corner and people are suffering for their sakes, their survival and for something they don't know. What is happening out there? No clue but who is to believe for these mixed creamy layers of gossips and truth's shadows. I hate the way media report the facts cause it's the heightened versions that do give away only some unnecessary prejudiced versions of public poll. They would say, "hey attention! here goes a unicorn with wings," When people gather there to see the unthinkable media change their plates saying it's nothing but a mere a horse,and it's rather a delusional. For some reasons it could be a dog since it's all about media mads and that's what all about some yellow fever in journalism.

Socialist views are backlashing against its own neo policies and that terrible murmmer , speaking behind ones' ear, and so on were even there inside the Communist Party in Kerala, against one another. One hated one for power, for fame and there taken place foul plays in plenty behind the back screen. The Namboothirippad saga of Communism is no longer exist here in Kerala, and going back, the first ever ballot paper elected government in the world had their enemies then too especially from its deck, in it's inception, and the center who dissolved the communist government so shockingly for President's rule. Coming back to the rude political policies, we need fund and there by strength to survive, I mean for the party, and "it's people" that's been their plan, not for the fools who vote for them, precisely the fools are under the delusion of some "revolutionary dosages of party sagas" that once a day slashes into their mouths, making them to praise their lords. They fall for it cause it instructs that emotional way. The burial grounds of some young head warrior flew away with the strom but there huddled crores in his name, so pathetic. I'm sure? about all these matters? Because every media is prejudiced in every single respects.

I'm becoming irreapairably worried hearing all these, from those reports, are those coming from a convenient source? or it's a paid one for several reasons where we become the real blinds in assessing how this elephant kind thing look like.

A recent reveal of a veteran Communist Party leader made all this happen and we can't agree with him more cause it's an open secret and now it got it's centre. May be the old fellow is fumbling but I feel like something is there, when there come a juxtaposition of facts. I love the policy of equality by denying the superstitious social institutions but sometimes they behave like the real nuts from some faraway nuthouses. Terrible tongue slips and much more.But the thing is that I cannot forget the party's crucial intervention in the eradication of caste symptoms here where even Vivekananda called Kerala a Mad house, and equal pay for all, (but some terrible exceptions)and the acts and regulations for the people that keep their promises for good and much world class revolutionary steps for the progress but something somewhere went wrong.

It's already turned out to be a money spinner for all party members. They silence their opponents with bloodshed and party spend funds for their criminal ally to get through the trails. How bizzare. They would rather be free than spending their leisure time behind the bars. So terrible.
It's same with all other party sects, everybody has their own impish ways to deal with the moron "power". It gives them the real sensuous pleasure. Every thing has the sucking crazy ideals but not the real ones. Let's see what they are saving for their future, may be a doom for democracy? May be, who knows?.

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