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The Skeleton Twins
It's a big cultural shock for a person who hails from the East to see the turbulence and taboos of affairs of the west and it's all about a dilemma as well where we come in between the free world physical affairs and it's negation.

Even the movie is an eye opener at least even in such situation where the whistleblowers of free movements never at rest. Heterosexual dreams and monogamy are still in action and at first I thought, soon after ran into the gay sexual things and extramarital stuffs of my favourite snl casts "would that be a reason for me to miss my adoration for them for such weird reasons". The answer was no! at the end. It's a trivial callous reason to judge someone based on the character they played but I was taught like that in the beginning but I'm somewhat free from the real chimerical stuffs so far.

Cheating on death on same day, the twin had some emotionally thrilling tales to tell each other and taking up healing lessons from the innermost crust of their troublesome lives especially through mutual trust moreover pointing out the deviation from normal paths of life. Indeed a good movie and the comedy legends of snl made through it in all classy ways, so moving and a desired reformation after the audience's heart.

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