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The Nano Physics of Dancing wild
"I'm sure I will be gone for good from here, they won't select me for the second term and I'm dead sure, you know my guesses never fail me and I have a clear record in it. I feel so sir. "
I was mumbling with the muffled voice and I didn't care about whether my fumblings were audible or not. I was wondered that how it could made it into his attention since I was so low.

"Take it easy man, may be a miracle can have it's ways to reach out for your dreams, hope for the best and don't go for the views those are jejune "

He seemed sympathising with my melancholy and I said it's all about zero chances. At the moment of the verdict I found that I was right. At the end my speculative instinct won my ways and we part for good. No miracles, no miracles indeed. Didn't I tell you?

At college, since we were the closest allies of hostel and college premises we could say that we were the luckiest guys there who used to have serious wisecracks for appropriate and even for inappropriate occasions, singing wild for our own sakes, sharing subject matters of interests, deadly teasings, an air of lethargy things and so on. The interesting thing is that we were polar opposites in our ideas regarding matters of interests, generally everything under sun. We see things from different angles to him it's all about physics point of views and I preferred literature lens, we even quarrelled each other for the real versions, more often left it in vacuum for some well deserved breaks and takes it back whenever we get mad with our own insane philosophical versions.It happened there occasionally and time cheated on us for some reasons because I couldn't renew my contracts there on the grounds of some unfortunate incidents. We wished if we had that entire career together like that but nothing happened, even no miracles.

Last day, after a long period of time, since our departure we messaged each other on our amazing days together, we were sending photos those taken in the campus, some crazy ones, in one picture I was climbing on trees, some unexpected clicks and in another one we were dancing, yeah! rather the epic one among all and I quoted there after those delicate bygone memories digged out the sensitive emotions of the past, It's Emily Dickinson's line, and it went like..

" That it will never come back again is what makes our life so sweet" Indeed true...

Our senior professor's Nano Physics lab was the place of our holiday gathering and we used to spend our time there preparing notes, engaging in debates each other on innumerable topics, virtual speeches and it's an awesome time together there. Senior Professor of Physics was a fatherly figure to me where I can share all my melancholies with. So his science lab was our home we even took more freedom there than we were given and it was so fun. Whenever he is there I took a firm stand in everything where I behaved like a complete obedient child. I even hesitated to sit all the while I was there at his lab until he instructed me to do so. I was humbled and accepted every thing he said. But behind his ear, I talked about his obstinate behaviours sometimes with my other Physics professor but it was just for fun. Sometimes I disliked him saying something but I obeyed him so much where I often go silent when he admonishes me on many grounds. I even looked up to his valuable instructions he was a legend indeed.

On a special day he said while at our senior professors' lab about dancing and suggested that we can go for it anyway. We had been so tired out of external and internal answer sheets' valuation and he had been wrestling with all the papers as it had done with extreme slow motion. I usually do away with such when I'm out side of the hostel room. Senior Professor was on holiday then at home so we made a splash at the lab with all musical notes. I have to say this, it was fun in all respect and I even marvelled at my colleagues' brave decision, on its crazy course all of a sudden there came the dancing soul spontaneously from him. With all mysterious reasons I slipped away with his mysterious steps and still I can remember it's positive vibes. Even I experienced it's lively vigorous mystic waves of inspiration so I danced wild like I never did before. The scientific inscriptions on the board there were seemed so artful with the newly transformed artists' crazy sickness and even the physics' gadgets gaped at us in surprise and even danced with my colleagues' unique steps. Physics equations found so stress free and it flew so freely all around the room singing songs of it's real freedom. From the tangled dilemmas to a transparent space. In a way we liberated them from the age denial of freedom, from the prison of its master on leave.

"He's gonna kill us that's for sure if he comes to know about it, " We giggled as we walked briskly back to hostel.
"Yes! God knows" I was so excited then and the story of that incident still remains a mystery. A mystery that has a plenty of perfect randomly ordered memoirs. Let it be.

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