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Kashmir: An Indian dilemma
"What's your opinion on it? How do you perceive it's current status and it's history that has some royal twists and turns? If you were there to take a decision regarding the sleepless scoops on Kashmir, what would it be? "

I started confronting these questions from time to time, especially whenever it's sensational news started poking my patriotism in all ways. yes! If I mistakingly spelt that terrible word "patriotism" I would definitely be it's admirer and would praise it with fantastic fanfares and that's for sure. But it's so different, it's so hard anyway but I'm still trying. At first I thought the decision was spectacular, I mean the government's decision to take such revolutionary one. So bad of me and I have to blame my patriotism in all ways.

It's all from a neutral version and strictly personal, I mean an analysis that is being done far away from the throne. Back to the matter, mixed opinion poll on the issue is so confusing and takes us to nowhere but somewhere we are trying to be ourselves. From the light of the experiences that we have had so far, we can say that it shapes our decisions all the way, indeed it moulds our opinions too. Its not necessarily be true but we assume so. What is appropriate in one occasion need not be appropriate in other so is with people. They have different unique angles of opinion, that came out of some some crucial occasions, be it a hostile one, or from the spring seasons of life moreover something else, it's quite relative. We have no right to be prejudiced for some indoctrinated ill-fated personal doctrines and it's of no use. In a way it's does not take us to right pastures.

"Patriotism is a damn thing so is with the nationalism" I read about such a plenty through the legends lens and I feel like it's somewhat true. Even Tagore disliked the idea of nationalism. We need no boarders, no power relationships but peace, everyday bread and quite nights with healed hopes. Am I daydreaming on Utopian ideals?.Whatever...

In the South the Communists say, it's an infringement on the Constitutional rights and same thing can happen to anyone anytime who is already made a bee line for the hit list. It's clearly a view out of a political hostility and sone thing else. A princely state which has been on a dilemma to choose between two nations suddenly got a real surgical strike from the master on duty. However similar operations had already done in the past with similar provinces and we all defended such instances with our "nationalism" symptoms and it becomes inborn now, a fake delusion indeed. It's so deadly and can turn us evils for such traumatic tragedies. Then we will be getting veerachakras for killing someone who is branded as enemy, it's the national big versions. Similar thing can be done for the groupies of extremism. We live and die for it callously and forcefully persuade others to assimilate it's fake and deadly essence.

Still I have no clue and wondering there too. My national pride says it's a much needed one but my other precious self says the other. Who is to believe?..

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