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Tedx of Speaking
While I was visiting the Tedx talks on YouTube, especially the talks those delivered by the ones who is younger to my age numbers, I feel so envy of them and feel terribly low since I know little about the art of speaking. Quite natural, no? Especially, at the same time, all the while I was pretending that I am an average English speaker.
Then I took a moment gasping deeply thinking so they can do it as a piece of cake so why should I?.

Inspiration then gatecrashes with eyes well welled up. Yes I'm not joking I had times with such queer blend of emotional excitements. Have you ever felt such? I mean I found genuine passions of tears with wild determination to fly.
It only happens when you are being a perfect failure but you have the sharp bits of confidence to be succeed and this thought drives some heightened delusional passions. It's a rare phenomenon though, I mean the transient inspiration.

I was in the top of the world then standing up right before the ones who written me off as a good for nothing fellow. I found my words flaring with fire where words poured out spontaneously. I saw curious eyes rivetted on me then with all curious moodscapes. Yes so goosebump thing no?. But In the end there happens nothing, as usual. The reality is that It often rebounds to it's state of inertia soon after the times passes. So cruel of me. Cause I have been in chains of my fake conscious matters. I've been delusional so far and I need a change. To pursue my dreams.

I usually watch the motivational speeches regarding how to be confident in speaking or how can be overcome the oddities of communication and the like. They say it's all about practice and only practice itself. If we do not try doing something on regular basis, here it's speaking, we will definitely be a shenanigan of dreams. We can dream of being a world class public speaker but if we are not ready to work for it, what's the use. Just go against your present inebriated instincts cause it's been a bad guide to our explorations and it proved it right. That's what our melocholies say now. Had we ever met those bad instincts that gifted to us by our doings and thinking of the past, never conditioned our life in its dark lights we would never have been this much worried about our life.
Considering the art of speaking, we've been already heard the tales of legends who speak well before the audience from the Western and Eastern cultural contexts and their images flash before the concerned speaker with "speaking" topics. There they tell tales of them with all twisted plots with all enthusiasm. So the Greeks the masters of oration had been well maintained this speaking sessions as their precious part of life, moreover their pride. It's all about the philosophers, politicians moreover lawyers of those bygone era where they had their own say. So no wonder Greek become the cradle of democracy.

So, for the sake of two days, just suffocate your unconscious rituals and go deviant for your dream lights. In the long run, consequently, two days turn into its tenfold magic numbers. Take pains to be a talker of life. No practice, no magic. And it's all about meditating impossibles to have wings for dreams. We can do it.

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